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Welcome Parents!

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You can always give us a call (800) 846-8469 or email Contact Us on our website.

  • How can I pay for my pictures?

    Before Picture Day: You are welcome to pre-pay for your pictures on our website by selecting the Pre-Order option and selecting the child(ren)’s school. Or by calling our Studio at 1(800)846-8469. On Picture Day: You may enclose in the Order Envelope either cash, check or a money order. You are also welcome to pay by card at the school with one of our cashiers. After Picture Day: Order online by selecting Pre-Order up to 1:00 p.m. the business day after Picture Day. Drop off order form, in studio, by 1:00 p.m. the business day after Picture day. Call our Studio at 1(800)846-8469 and place an order over the phone with one of our Customer Service Specialists.

  • Is it too late to place an order for my child(ren)’s School Portraits?

    We have the current school year and last school year’s Portraits still available for purchasing. Please call our Studio at 1(800)846-8469 to place an order over the phone with one of our Customer Service Specialists.

  • How many poses can I purchase of my children?

    You are welcome to purchase as many pictures/poses as you want as long as there is an order form per picture/pose. Parents are more than welcome to be in the picture!

  • When will my pictures be delivered?

    Your School Portrait order will be delivered to your child(ren)’s school within 3 to 4 business weeks.

  • What is the date and location of Picture Day?

    Please call our Studio at 1(800)846-8469 and one of our Customer Service Specialists would be happy to assist you.

  • Are Retakes offered for Spring Personality Portraits?

    In the Spring, we do not offer Retake Days. However, you are welcome to contact our Studio at 1(800)846-8469 to find another school near you with an upcoming Picture Day.

  • Was my child photographed for a Personality Portrait (individuals) even though I did not place an order?

    Personality Portraits are only taken if there was an order placed the day of Picture Day or before. However, if your student was present on Picture Day, they were photographed in the Class Picture.

  • Can I still purchase the Class Picture even though my student didn’t take an individual?

    Yes, you can still purchase your student’s Class Picture for Middle Schools and Elementary Schools. There is an opportunity to purchase the school’s extra prints before placing an order directly through Parsons. If your school no longer has these prints available, you can place an order by calling our Studio at 1(800)846-8469.

  • Can I bring a sibling in the spring who does not attend the school to be photographed?

    Yes, you can bring a sibling, or any family member, to be photographed at your school. Our onsite team will have extra order forms available to fill out.